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Child Safety Regulations


Maintaining and caring for shades and blinds is essential to ensure they remain functional and look their best for years to come. Here are some maintenance and care tips for shades and blinds window coverings.
Replace blinds and window coverings that have long accessible cords.

Any type of long accessible cord, such as cords on the side, inside or back of the blind or window covering, is a strangulation risk for a child. The safest blinds and window coverings are ones without long accessible cords. Removing blinds and window coverings with long accessible cords, starting first with children's rooms and play spaces, is the best way to keep your child safe.

Many affordable and easy-to-use blinds and window coverings, with no long accessible cords, are available for all sizes of windows at home and hardware stores across Canada.
Safety tips for long accessible cords on blinds and window coverings.

If you can't replace your blinds and window coverings that have long accessible cords, you can still take steps to reduce the risk. Until you can replace them, make sure to: