Best Sleeping Positions to Prevent Heart Attack

3 Best Sleeping Positions to Prevent Heart Attack

Do you know that your sleep position can affect your heart? Well, it can, and it can also have a big impact. Here’s why: Different sleeping positions increase the strain on different parts of our body. However, most people sleep on their sides because it is more comfortable than in other positions. 

It should not be used as an alternate for another position that is more beneficial for you, though. Instead, this article will give you insight into your heart’s best and worst sleeping positions. 

Back sleeping position

The back sleeping position is the most commonly observed sleeping position across the world. In this position, you rest your head on a pillow while your upper body is on the mattress. 

Sleeping on your back is the best sleeping position as the majority of your heart is in the front. For example, it is the most natural position for breathing. In addition, studies have shown that sleeping on the back can prevent a heart attack

This position naturally raises the blood pressure and decreases the blood pressure when you are asleep as well as when you are awake. Hence, sleeping on your back prevents a heart attack. What’s even better is that it can improve your health and boost your longevity. 

It is recommended to avoid sleeping on your back if you suffer from heart disease. This position can increase your blood pressure and increase the risk of a heart attack. There is no need to worry, though. You can still sleep on your back and prevent a heart attack.

Side Bending Sleeping Position

The next sleeping position is side bending. Side bending sleeping position means that you lie down with your legs on the mattress and rest your upper body on your pillows. 

A side sleeping position is a good option for those with back pain problems. When we sleep, our heart rate significantly reduces. This is because we are not twisting or oozing any parts of our bodies. In this position, your heart rate is more in the middle, and it is less likely to have any issues with it. 

You should avoid the side sleeping position if you have heart disease. This is because side sleeping positions can increase your blood pressure and your risk of a heart attack. On the other hand, a side sleeping position is a good option for those who have backache issues because it reduces the strain on your back.

Rollover Sleeping Position

The last but not the least comfortable sleeping position is the rollover one. If you cannot fall asleep or wake up on your side, you can try a rollover sleeping position. It is one of the most natural sleeping positions as well as one of the best sleeping positions for your heart. 

Rollover sleeping positions are good for your health as they can help you lower your blood pressure and the strain on your heart. The most natural position for breathing is also the best sleeping position for your heart!

Avoid Stomach Sleeping

If your heart is the most important organ in your body, you should avoid lying on your stomach. The stomach sleeping position is one of the worst sleeping positions for your heart. Why? The stomach sleeping position is the most unnatural position for breathing. It is extremely hard to take deep breaths while sleeping on your stomach. 

This position is more likely to increase the strain on your heart and cause any related issues. In addition, a stomach sleeping position is not good for your health. Studies have found that it is more likely to cause insomnia and increase your risk of a heart attack. Worse, sleeping on your stomach is also likely to cause bad breath. Therefore, stomach sleeping is highly discouraged.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that your sleep position can affect your heart. However, it can only do that if you sleep on your back, stomach, or in a rollover position. But, if you avoid sleeping on your back, stomach, and in a rollover position, your heart is less likely to experience strain and is more likely to stay healthy and strong. 

Many benefits come with sleeping in one of the best sleeping positions. Below, we have detailed information on the best sleeping positions and tips on how to sleep better. So, try one of these sleeping positions and see the difference for yourself. It can make a difference in your health and longevity.

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